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Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing Change Into Your Organization

In a new article published in IndustryWeek, lean manufacturing expert Jamie Flinchbaugh
offers suggestions on how to introduce lean into your manufacturing operations. Flichbaugh's suggestions have broader implications for all organizations.

The assumptions:

  • Employees are naturally resistant to change. That's why when companies first introduce lean into their operations, it's often necessary to gain buy-in from the staff to facilitate real change.
The suggestions:

  • Plan a common 90-second to three-minute standard communication message that will leave a lasting impression with workers
  • Use the informal time to explain what will change and why it's necessary rather than as a teaching session.
  • Make these messages consistent to build understanding and support from employees.
  • Ensure the staff understands that lean is being implemented because the process is flawed; not the employees doing the work.

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