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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Benefits (?) Of The Networked Workforce

According to the latest Pew Internet research report on networked workers, people who own BlackBerrys and similar devices (Smartphones) pretty much never stop working.

Some findings from their research:
  • 62% of employed adults use the internet or email at their job, and many have cell phones and Blackberries that keep them connected even when they are not at work
  • 45% of employed Americans report doing at least some work from home
  • 18% of working Americans say they do job-related tasks at home almost daily
  • 70% of device owners check work-related emails on the weekend
  • 55% check work-related email on vacation
  • 70% check work-related email when they’re taking a sick day
  • 43% check work-related email when they’re shopping or commuting
  • 49% of workers say that technology has made their lives more stressful.
  • 71% said it has increased their flexibility.

Suprising? Not anymore.

It's a Digital Life - and there's no going back!

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