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Thursday, November 20, 2008

North Carolina CEOs Remain Confident & Focused

On October 29, best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, strategy execution expert and CEO Gary Harpst spoke at a Six Disciplines North Carolina event in the Research Triangle Park area to local business owners and chief executives.

After Gary’s presentation, Six Disciplines North Carolina surveyed this elite group of executives about the business climate and their plans for the upcoming year. To summarize, business owners were generally upbeat despite the economic situation. Most expect revenues this year to be higher than last, and they project that 2009 revenues will top those of 2008. More than 50 percent expect to add employees in 2009.

Below are the results from the survey:

1. How will your 2008 revenues (this fiscal year) compare to 2007?
36 percent said lower, and 64 percent said higher.

2. How do you expect 2009 revenues to compare with 2008?
36 percent said lower, and 64 percent said higher.

3. How will your employment change in 2009?
7 percent expected lower employment, 36 percent said about the same, and 57 percent said higher.

4. What will be your organization's top priorities for 2009?
(Respondents were asked to check all that apply.)

  • 64 percent responded sustainable execution (improving team capability)
  • 57 percent responded top line growth (investing in sales and/or marketing)
  • 36 percent responded profitability/cost reduction commensurate with expected sales
  • 14 percent responded stabilization of the organization (hunker down; avoid big risks)

5. Which of the following topics would be of most value to you in Q1 2009? (Respondents were asked to check all that apply.)

  • 79 percent responded enhancing execution and performance
  • 43 percent responded effective strategic planning
  • 36 percent responded mining the customer's unspoken needs
  • 14 percent chose stimulating and focusing on innovation
  • 14 percent said marketing in a down economy
  • 14 percent selected succession planning
For additional insights from this survey, contact Craig Landwehr, Managing Partner of Six Disciplines North Carolina.

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