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Thursday, December 18, 2008

CEOs: Time To Rethink Your Strategy

The December issue of Strategy+Business includes an article, "Rethink Your Strategy: An Urgent Memo to the CEO."

According to the memo, your first objective is to become as strong as possible, as fast as possible, with these five main lines of action.

  1. Focus on your future.
  2. Prepare to weather the storm.
  3. Anticipate the future industry structure.
  4. Resolve your game plan.
  5. Prepare to take intelligent risks.

BOTTOMLINE: "The current economy will not get better immediately. We are in for more rough seas. But we are also entering a period during which the value of being able to act strategically and decisively for the long term will increase enormously. Preparing for this moment of opportunity is of paramount importance for your businesses’ position for years to come."

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