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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

State of the U.S. Workforce

From the 2006 Employee Review by recruiter Randstad (as reported by Management-Issues) we see the following trends about the U.S. workforce:

  • 75% of employers said that staff development was important, but only 50% of employees felt that their organization delivered on it.
  • Almost 90% of employees said that feeling valued is an critical factor in job satisfaction, but barely 30% of them felt that they were valued by their own employers.
  • only 25% of employees felt that their organizations felt any loyalty towards their staff and barely more than half (56%) felt any loyalty to their organizations in return.
  • While the majority of employees and employers agreed that the top source of productivity gains was increased employee efficiency, only half of employees of all ages said that leadership practices in their organisations fostered employee development.

BOTTOMLINE: "The survey shows a widening gap in employee expectations and respective employer delivery," said Genia Spencer, managing director of operations and human resources for Randstad USA.

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