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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons For Failed Execution of Strategy

In a survey by Quality Digest, the Top 10 Leadership Pitfalls are revealed:

  1. Past habits (35%)
  2. Economic climate or budget (29%)
  3. Company culture (23%)
  4. Way they work together (20%)
  5. Senior management team (18%)
  6. Customers (14%)
  7. CEO/president lack of confidence (13%)
  8. Technology (11%)
  9. Middle management (9%)
  10. Reputation, human resource management or employees (7%)
BOTTOMLINE: Respondents indicated that the most important things to ensure successful strategy execution include creating a clear strategy, adding a specific plan, communicating what the plan is, rewarding employees for following the plan and continuing employee communication.

However, even when companies do the alignment process well, their past and culture can derail execution, as the alignment of people and strategy isn’t enough for long-term success.

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