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Monday, December 07, 2009

What is a Repeatable Business-Building Methodology?

If one of the four required components of a complete strategy execution program is "a repeatable, business-building methodology" - what exactly is that?

A repeatable business-building methodology is a holistic business improvement framework that can be used by an organization (guided by a licensed business coach) for continual performance improvement.

The methodology described in the graphic above consists of six interrelated business improvement disciplines, each consisting of a number of specific steps (processes) that are practiced repeatedly (annual, quarterly, weekly, or daily.)

The methodology consists of an on-going cycle of strategy formulation, planning, organization, execution, measurement and learning.

Just a few of the benefits of using such a repeatable, business-building methodology?

  • It can be scheduled on everyone's calendars (because, what gets on your calendar, gets done...)
  • It fosters new organizational learning habits (encouraging continual improvement)
  • It's flexible, yet consistent (not a cookie-cutter approached shoe-horned into every organization)

BOTTOMLINE: Intrigued? The methodology described above is unveiled - in detail - in the award-winning business handbook, Six Disciplines for Excellence", which is available here from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from Six Disciplines Publishing.

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