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Monday, April 13, 2009

80% of Companies Thinking More Strategically During Downturn

A recent poll of the Strategic Planning Community (SPC), a business social network of strategic planners hosted by the Association of Strategic Planning (ASP), shows that for the most part, the knee-jerk reactions to the downturn have passed and most companies are moving towards more strategic moves.

Key findings:

  • 82% reported that their companies are now thinking more strategically. Companies still operating in a purely tactical and survival mode, will likely find themselves being left behind when the economy turns.
  • This result matches well with a recent Bain Consulting survey of global corporations where they report that “Almost eight of ten executives agree “our company will use this recession to improve our competitive position”

BOTTOMLINE: "For those who plan to exit this downturn successfully, now is the time to be repositioning for the new market realities and beginning to execute on steps to ensure successful exit."

(Hat tip to Michael Kanazawa)

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