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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Leadership Attitude

From this 2004 article in the Harvard Business School Leaderhip Workshop:

"You’ll succeed as a leader only if you’re a living example of your values. What causes do you champion? How do you behave with others? What decisions do you make? Now ask yourself what values your answers demonstrate.

If those values don’t align with your organization, change yourself, change organizations, or tone down your leadership aspirations. Values, if clear and consistent in behavior, are a powerful glue that holds an organization together.”

BOTTOMLINE: Strength of senior leadership is the #1 aspect differentiating top-performing organizations from low-performing organizations. Two primary factors discussed in "Six Disciplines for Excellence" (page 28) included:

1. The ability of leadership to define a clear vision.
2. Appropriate involvement of leadership in leading and supporting projects that are strategic to the organization.

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