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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CEOs Brimming With Ideas, Lacking In Organization

From Mick's Leadership blog, here's an insightful entry "CEOs Brimming With Ideas, Lacking In Organization."

The premise:

"The new study concludes that when it comes to creativity, CEOs have more than other executives -- they just don't have the organizational skills to take their ideas to fruition on their own."

  • High creativity, which includes innovativeness and risk-taking, was found to be the work-style behavior that most distinguishes today's presidents and chief executive officers.
  • The flip side is that company leaders are decidedly less organized than their team members. While CEOs may excel at addressing issues in an innovative, resourceful and imaginative way, they likely need a lot of support from others on their team to execute what needs to be done.

BOTTOMLINE: "'Unlike the CEO, managers at the next level may be more collaborative or orderly. The wise CEO would be sure to be surrounded by people with such essential work-style behaviors and skills."

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