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Friday, February 12, 2010

How To Build Accountability Into Your Organization

Many of the top-performing organizations we work with every day - have expressed a real need to build accountability into their organization.

Take a quick minute – and consider the following key questions:

  • Does each of your team members understand exactly what they are responsible for?
  • Does your leadership team set consistent expectations for accountability?
  • Do your new team members know exactly what’s expected of them – Day 1?
  • Are all of your team members self-managing?
  • Do you have a standardized way of monitoring progress? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly
  • Does your hiring process focus on attracting individuals who can be self-managing?
BOTTOMLINE: Here are some steps to consider when considering organization-wide accountability:
  • Understand your company's core competencies
  • Validate your team members
  • Create a culture that grows and develops its people
  • Identify the systems and processes that are now in place throughout your company and rely on your team members to make the systems and processes more efficient and more effective
  • Get the right people in the right place
  • Get all team members to understand that what they do affects everyone else in the company
  • Build a strong second-tier management team that can take the company to the next level
  • Hold everyone, including yourself, accountable
  • Raise the bar by bringing in top talent

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