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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Leaders Need Coaching Too!

Only 23 percent of new leaders — or employees who have advanced from being individual contributors to supervising or managing others — receive the coaching they need to reach their full development potential, according to a survey conducted by Right Management, a provider of integrated human capital consulting services and solutions.

Key findings from the survey:

  • While organizations see value in providing coaching to strategic and developing leaders, coaching is not offered as frequently to new leaders.
  • Most new leaders advance in their careers due to their proficiency with technical skills, but they don’t necessarily have the leadership abilities needed for success in their higher-level positions.
  • New leaders would benefit most from coaching in emotional intelligence skills. “Coaching in emotional intelligence provides self-awareness, builds management and social skills, and assists one to become more empathetic toward others and more understanding of oneself.
  • New leaders don’t need coaching in technical skills as much as they need guidance in how to treat others.”
BOTTOMLINE: “New leaders need as much development as strategic and developing leaders. They are the future leaders of the organization. Smart organizations focus their resources to develop these individuals and ensure they deliver on their much-anticipated success.”

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