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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Execution Revolution: Another "Must Read" from Gary Harpst

According to Dan Bobinski, CEO and Director of The Center for Workplace Excellence:

"Never have I heard it explained so well. This one’s going to be a “must read.

That was Dan's summary reaction to an early read of Gary Harpst's new book, "Execution Revolution: Solving The One Problem That Makes All Others Easier."

In his review, Dan begins:

"Longtime readers know that I’m a fan of Gary Harpst’s work. His Six Disciplines for Excellence book made the top of my recommended reading list for 2007, and his Six Disciplines company is helping companies do what they NEED to do to achieve excellence.

So I was pretty tickled when the Six Disciplines company asked me to give some feedback on an advance copy of Gary’s next book, Execution Evolution."


Read the entire review here.

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