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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Strategy and Execution- The Balancing Act

Strategy execution has always been one of the most difficult challenges in business. Yet it's the appropriate balance between strategy and execution that's the toughest part of the equation.

Let's take a look at both elements:

Creating strategy requires making intelligent choices and tradeoffs. Yet, the effort involved formulating strategy is miniscule compared to executing it successfully. It's much easier to create a strategic plan than to it is to actually do it.

So, in other words, while both are important, (but not equally important) what is needed is an appropriate balance between strategy and execution. The emphasis needs to be placed on the tougher of the two: execution.

There is one problem ,that if solved, will make solving all other problems easier. Our contention is that planning and executing, and at the same time, dealing with the unknowns of the real-world, is the biggest problem in business.

Overcoming it is what we mean by solving the one problem that will make all other problems easier. Failing to solve it destines your organization to a reactive, fire-fighting future.

Six Disciplines is the first complete strategy execution program for a business to take control of the one thing it can, so that it is better equipped to deal with all the things it can’t.

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