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Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Interview with CEO and Strategy Execution Expert Gary Harpst

Gary Tomlinson is an entrepreneur and founder of five successful businesses. Today, he is an accountability consultant and professional speaker based in North Carolina.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview Tomlinson did with Gary Harpst, discussing his newest best-selling book, Six Disciplines Execution Revolution.

Tomlinson: “Your first book, Six Disciplines for Excellence, is a highly regarded strategy execution methodology. Why did you write Execution Revolution”?

Harpst: “When I wrote Six Disciplines for Excellence we were trying to help businesses understand a basic step by step methodology to create an environment of lasting excellence. A lot of businesses are able to have a period of good growth and good profitability but not many are able to sustain it.”

“The mission of our company was to document basic step-by-step methodologies to help organizations achieve and sustain lasting change. The purpose of Execution Revolution was to help business leaders understand that their biggest problem isn’t the problem that’s right in front of them — it’s building an organization that knows how to draft a plan and execute it. A company that knows how to do that can solve any problem. It’s a perspective change.”

Read the entire interview here.

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