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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trust and Execution

Jeffrey Phillips, over at Thinking Faster, posts his views on "A Matter of Trust."

His premise?

  • Trust is probably the most important and least discussed aspect of working effectively and efficiently.
  • Trust is something that is earned by a manager or by a co-worker.

Trust comes from:

  1. Doing what you say and saying what you'll do.
  2. Trust comes from being honest about your skills, your abilities, the things you know and can share with others.
  3. Trust is built when people can look around and see that the "values" in the value statements and mission statements aren't just words but are put into practice by the people in the organization
  4. Legacy - what you leave behind.

BOTTOMLINE: At Six Disciplines, our research shows that top-performing organizations have a high-trust culture. High trust cultures lead to higher execution of strategy.

  • What does your firm do to establish and retain your trust?
  • Does it enforce a positive and effective culture?
  • Does it do the right thing, regardless of the consequences?
  • Is the communication open and honest?
  • If not, what can you do to change it?"

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