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Friday, February 17, 2006

CEOs and Creativity

Management-Issues reveals results from a new study that reveals the work style behavior that most distinguishes today's presidents and CEOs is....(surprise....) CREATIVITY.

PsyMax Solutions, a human capital assessment firm based in Cleveland, suggests that high creativity - which includes innovativeness and risk-taking is the work style behavior that most distinguishes today's business leaders.

Other interesting findings:

  • CEOs also tend to score well above average in their ability to advocate and sell ideas and in tough-mindedness, their resilience in the face of criticism
  • CEOs are attracted to the job by the opportunity for complex problem-solving, the ability to have a personal impact on the business and satisfaction of seeing their ideas implemented

Meanwhile, in at least one respect, the PsyMax study found that CEOs lag considerably behind the norm. According to their findings, company heads are decidedly less organized than their subordinates. While CEOs may excel at addressing issues in an innovative, resourceful and imaginative way, they probably need a lot of support from others on their team to execute what needs to be done.

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