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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Making A Difference, Values and Managing Change

More and more managers are motivated by "making a difference", enjoyment of their job and personal achievement, according to the study by leadership and development centre Roffey Park.

Other key findings:
  • 87% will "go the extra mile" to get things done and 83% feel committed or very committed to their organization.
  • 70% said they refuse a promotion if it affected their work-life balance and 57% felt they had a satisfactory work-life balance.
  • Nearly half said their organisation had become more values driven over recent years, 60% believed that its espoused and practiced values did not match.
  • Managing change remained the biggest issue for organizations, despite some stating the biggest challenges they were facing related to succession planning, retention, recruitment and skills shortages.
  • 78% of managers thought senior managers do not "walk the talk."
  • Performance management was still problematic, with only 11% believing it was managed very well, compared with 9% in 2005.
  • Just 36% trusted their top leadership to a great extent.

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