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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Welcome to the Carnival of Entrepreneurship #12

Be Excellent™ is proud to be hosting "Carnival of Entrepreneurship #12" -- a weekly stop along the midway of the small business blogosphere.

If you're a regular reader of Be Excellent, you'll alread know we're very passionate about business improvement - and particularly small businesses. (If this is your first time here, browse around! You'll find something of interest - and of use for your business.)

This week, we bring you the following great entries:

  • Jack Yoest, a reputable management consultant whose tagline is "Business Sense -- Military Precision -- Timeless Truth" looks at Illegal Interview Questions. Good things to know before you begin your search for the best talent you can find.

  • David Terrar, over at Business Two Zero offers his insights into wikis in his Wikis - the insider’s guide, saying, "Wikis are excellent tools for collaboration and knowledge management. Although they are applicable to all sizes of business, they are great and easily affordable for small businesses and entrpreneurs to enable direct communication with customers, suppliers, partners or within your team."

  • Over at Ask Uncle Bill, you'll notice another tax-related entry, You, Inc. And The IRS . And this is supposed to make me feel better? On the other hand, do we really want to bet against the IRS computers, and endure an income tax audit? I think not...

  • David Lorenzo presents Creating Momentum posted at The Career Intensity Blog, which details a five step plan to help you work through your next big project and develop some personal momentum. Great ste-by-step process - well thought out here!

BOTTOMLINE: The next Carnival of Entrepreneurship will be at The Small Business Buzz on April 27. Until next week....Be Excellent™.

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