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Monday, April 21, 2008

Execution Revolution: Now Available for Pre-Order

The new book by author, CEO and founder of Six Disciplines, entitled "Execution Revolution," is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

About Execution Revolution:

With all of the pressures successful business leaders have today, none is more urgent or challenging than learning the ability to execute strategy.

While larger businesses have the luxury of budgets and resources to meet this challenge, it’s the small and midsized businesses that now have a tremendous opportunity to level the playing field, leapfrog the expensive, outdated approaches of the past, and attack the challenge of execution in a revolutionary way. The key insights are:

  • Excellence is the enduring pursuit of balanced strategy and execution.
  • Planning and executing, while at the same time dealing with the inevitable surprises, is the biggest challenge in business.
  • Overcoming this challenge is what we mean by solving the one problem that makes all others easier.
  • Failing to solve the problem destines your organization to a reactive, fire-fighting future.

Based on breakthrough research, field testing and proven best-practices, the thought-leading vision described by Gary Harpst in Execution Revolution sets a new course for how small and midsized businesses can finally confront the never-ending challenge of executing strategy.

As a follow-up to the success of Six Disciplines for Excellence, Harpst’s new book, Execution Revolution, details the elements of a complete strategy execution program, clarifies how it could only have happened now, and explains why such a program will soon become a mainstream requirement for your business.

(NOTE: The pub date has been moved up to July 1 -- not September as indicated)

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