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Monday, April 07, 2008

Gary Harpst Interviewed on Small Business Guru

Gary Harpst, founder and CEO of Six Disciplines was recently interviewed by Kelly Brown of Small Business Guru.

Some takeaways from the podcast interview:
  • The best practices of larger organizations can (and should) be incorporated into small business
  • Leaders manage for the future - in lean times they’re preparing for growth, in busy times they’re preparing a slow down
  • Great managers down focus on firefighting, but they do focus on constantly improving they systems, looking for low hanging fruit.
  • With a recession imminent (or already here) the natural inclination will be to pull back and play it safe, but this is really a time of opportunity to:
  • Assess your competitive position
  • Re-evaluate & recommit to you corporate mission & goals
  • Expand your business by creating new products & new revenue stream

Find Gary’s Book on Amazon:Six Disciplines for Excellence: Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last.

Gary’s newest book, Execution Revolution, will be available in the coming months.

The podcast is available here.

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