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Monday, August 17, 2009

Barriers to Strategy Execution

Strategy execution is the single hardest challenge in business.

What makes it so tough?

Here's a list of the primary execution challenges, based on surveys of organizational leaders:

  • Inability to manage change effectively or overcome internal resistance to change.
  • Strategy conflicts with the existing organizational structure.
  • Poor or inadequate information sharing among individuals or business units responsible for strategy execution.
  • Unclear communication of responsibility and/or accountability for execution decisions or actions.
  • Employees' lack of feeling of ownership of a strategy or execution plan.
  • Lack of guidelines or a model to guide strategy execution.
  • Lack of understanding of the role of organizational structure and design in the execution process.
  • Inability to generate buy-in or agreement on critical execution steps or actions.
  • Lack of incentives or inappropriate incentives to support execution objectives

BOTTOMLINE: "Poor or vague strategy" is also listed, but it's relatively low on the list.

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