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Monday, August 31, 2009

Consultants Adopting A Strategy Execution Practice Have The Competitive Advantage

The newest research from Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory indicates that execution and implementation are now such integral parts of clients' consulting requirements that service providers have little choice but to develop Operations Management consulting capabilities and credibility.

According to Kennedy: "In an effort to effectively capitalize on today's financial constraints, more consulting practices than ever before are arranging their services around such 'execution' and 'implementation' imperatives."

And, management consultants are better positioned than any other professional service to seize the ever-growing strategy execution market.

To remain competitive, how will you incorporate strategy execution into your consulting practice?

Adding a strategy execution program can generate additional revenue streams, providing you with new service that can attract new clients, which can substantially increase the market value of your existing professional service business.

Want proof? The first management consulting firm that adopted our strategy execution coaching program (Six Disciplines) closed six clients in three months and increased their billable time for more specialized projects, which were discovered as a result of following our strategy execution methodology.

Now’s the time to step up and find out more – register to attend one of the next webcasts, presented by veteran CEO and strategy execution expert, Gary Harpst.

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