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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Management Consultants Are Adopting a Strategy Execution Practice

If you missed today’s “Establishing a Strategy Execution Practice” webcast – you missed out on a significant opportunity to grow your consulting practice!

If you’re interested in building a complimentary consulting practice focused on strategy execution, one that can generate an additional revenue stream, a service that can attract new clients, and one that can substantially increase the market value of your existing professional service business, then you need to take a look at Six Disciplines.

….and the momentum continues to build!

In fact, during the past two weeks, two more management consulting firms have signed on to become licensed affiliates for Six Disciplines.

One is a management consulting firm in Kansas City; the other is a for-profit business development arm of one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in the U.S. (they’ll be training six coaches on Six Disciplines!) We’ll be announcing details about these new Six Disciplines affiliates over the next several weeks.

Now’s the time to step up and find out more – register to attend one of the next webcasts, presented by veteran CEO and best-selling author Gary Harpst.

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