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Monday, November 09, 2009

Business Accelerators: Leading The Way Beyond The Recovery

Senior executives on the leading edge of IT adoption whose organizations have increased their IT investments in 2009—think differently than other business leaders.

Research firm Gartner, together with Forbes Insights, refer to these professionals as "Business Accelerators".

This study, the second based on input from more than 650 top-level executives at North American businesses, explores why Business Accelerators are more optimistic and confident than their counterparts. It examines their attitudes towards the eventual economic recovery, and how their ROI-oriented focus toward IT spending lets them view technology as an asset worth further investment. It also looks at their media consumption as well as their online activity.

Findings from their study of Business Accelerators:

  • They're confident in revenue growth for their organizations (and are preparing now for the recovery)
  • They understand the value of IT spending (particularly in digital communications)
  • They use technology to gain a competitive edge (in sustaining growth beyond the downturn)
  • They embrace technology to bolster the bottom line
  • They consume more media (including digital media and social networking)

Click here to download the whitepaper from Forbes Insights.

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