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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Biggest Challenge In Business - Isn't What You Think

Think about it for a minute....what is the biggest challenge in business?

Sure, you'll come up with a long laundry list of challenges: competitive pressures, growth and expansion, talent shortages, price sensitivity, margins, R&D, industry consolidation....and the list goes on forever...

Interestingly, these kinds of challenges are primarily external - and they change over time. Once a challenge has been addressed or solved, it's replaced by another challenge.

While daunting, none of these seemingly critical challenges are the biggest.

The biggest challenge? It's building an organization that can execute strategy, while overcoming the unending stream of daily surprises. The problems keep changing, but the need to have an organization equipped to solve the problems - never goes away.

To make it even more urgent, overcoming today’s challenges leads to growth - which makes tomorrow's challenges even more difficult. It's what we refer to as the "Execution Paradox": the better you execute, the bigger the challenges you'll face!

BOTTOMLINE: Building an organization that executes its strategy is the greatest core competence an organization can have -- and doing so is its greatest challenge. Building an organization that can plan, execute and address daily surprises is not easy.

Strategy development involves a few people, periodically, but execution involves every team member, every minute of every day. And the more employees that are involved, the more complicated it gets.

Is this the way it HAS to be?

After years of research and field testing, Six Disciplines has developed a complete strategy execution program to help you solve this biggest challenge in business. It helps your organization to get better - and stay better - with less stress and more fun. (and who doesn't want that??)

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