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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Four Key Aspects of Performance Management

According to a research project by consulting firm Watson Wyatt (as reported by Management-Issues) many organizations are being let down by their approach to employee performance management at just the point when they most need it to work for them.

According to the Watson Wyatt research, organizations often fall down on performance management by overlooking four key aspects:

  1. The capability of line managers to manage poor performance and have "difficult" conversations, which can be addressed through coaching and training.
  2. Employees' capability to set objectives, and provide and receive feedback, which can also be addressed through training.
  3. Ongoing communication to ensure undue emphasis is not inappropriately placed on objective setting and end-of-year reviews to ensure that performance management is seen as the "way we do things".
  4. Ensuring that performance management is placed in the context of overall business performance to provide employees with a "line of sight" and help them to understand how achieving their objectives help to deliver organizational success.

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