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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Value Of Continuous Business Coaching

Research bolsters our belief in the value of coaching.

Talent management analysts Bersin & Associates discovered the important role coaching plays in a survey of 750 organizations and 55 executives. Bersin wanted to get a feel for the top business problems today, challenges related to talent in our companies, and processes used to recruit, retain and develop employees.

Their research reveals that performance management is one of the most important things organizations can do for employees, because when we are managing performance, the most effective thing we can do is coach.

Among the organizations surveyed, coaching ranks at the top of 22 processes which consistently drive the highest business impact.

The results of continuous coaching? Higher levels of engagement, leadership, flexibility and performance.

BOTTOMLINE: Read Chapter 8, Accountability Coaching, in the bestseller book Six Disciplines Execution Revolution by Gary Harpst, for a complete discussion on the value of continuous coaching.

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