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Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Your Mission Statement a Secret?

In a recent study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) in conjunction with titled "Taking the Pulse: Mission Statement" the researchers found that, while almost 84% of organizations asked have a mission statement in place, only 62% of those companies said that just half of their employees could repeat the company mission statement if asked.

In some organizations the memory loss is more acute: Two of 10 companies said that just 10% could echo their mission statement.

Alarming? You bet!

Yet, apparently, the problem isn't the result of a lack of effort or a bland mission.

A full two-thirds said their mission statement has been effectively communicated to all employees, and almost half the companies surveyed said their mission statement "inspires" employees to a high or very high extent. Still, 35% of polled companies feel that their mission statement influences their employees' behavior to a high or very high extent.

"To really get your mission statement message across, leaders need to overcommunicate and, whenever possible, build elements of their mission statement into other correspondence. Without constant reinforcement, companies shouldn't be surprised if employees can't remember what their mission statement says."

BOTTOMLINE: To have your workforce understand how their daliy activities support the mission of your organization, they MUST be aware of and understand your mission!

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