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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Knowing vs. Doing Gap and The Need for Change

One of the most persistent challenges we face is to narrow the gap between knowing what needs to be done, and actually doing what needs to be done.

In fact, as business leaders, we collectively know quite a bit about what needs to be done. We've read the books, taken seminars, and listened to management gurus. We've even earned business in understanding what needs to be done.

Yet the challenge to somehow bridge this gap - continues...."

In order to bridge this gap between knowing and doing - we must change. And to do so, we must admit to ourselves that resistance to change is a definite part of the hurdle we continuously face as humans.

Change is hard - very hard. And in organizations, it's compounded by the collective numbers of team members, each with their own unique differences, their need to communicate and have meaning and purpose.

BOTTOMLINE: For an organization to achieve its potential, it's workforce must understand the purpose of the organization, where it's headed, and have an appreciation for the role everyone has in helping it to get there.

(Excerpts from Chapter 5, Six Disciplines Execution Revolution, by Gary Harpst)

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