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Monday, February 05, 2007

Leadership Development Best-Practices

In this Fast Company article, author Jim Bolt looks at how 100 top companies rated themselves on Executive Development Trends.

According to Bolt, the following is a list of common "best practices" used by companies to develop executives and leaders.

(Task: Try to list those in which your organization excels:)

  • Linked to Strategy
  • Top Management Driven
  • Strategy & System
  • Thorough Front-End Analysis
  • Custom Designed
  • Leadership Profile, Feedback and Individual Development Plans
  • Top-Down Implementation
  • Action-Oriented Learning
  • Succession Management
  • Integrated Talent Management System
  • Measurement
  • High Potential Identification and Development

The chart above shows how the they came out on their self-ratings.

BOTTOMLINE: Nearly 70% said they excel at creating custom-designed programs that address their unique, company-specific challenges and opportunities, and help create and/or drive their vision, values, and strategies -- that's the best of the best-practices. On the other hand, the "worst practice" relates to measurement or metrics for executive/leadership development. Only 20% say they excel in that area.

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