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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It All Comes Down To Effective Execution

Gary Whitehair, over at High Performance Business (HPB), offers his assessment on Execution.

Gary's take:

  • Historically “management” was defined as control.
  • To advance and grow, some business owners realized that they needed new approaches to managing their businesses.
  • Those companies searching for a complete solution to their management problems by instituting the latest management fad have been disappointed.
  • Businesses have learned just how difficult it can be to put these techniques into practice.
  • Effective CEO’s of today’s HPB understand that to be effective they cannot rely solely on the latest management fad

BOTTOMLINE: "Rather than pursuing the latest management fad or searching for the “single solution fix” they focus on effective execution. They believe in their vision, develop a plan, take action, follow through and make things happen."

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