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Monday, February 05, 2007

Leading a Business Transformation

John Agno, a very reputable Certified Executive Coach, poses the following question:

"How can a CEO motivate a workforce during a major business transformation?"

Answer: By talking about transformation in the context of how an employee's job will change, what they will be held accountable for and how their performance will be assessed.

CEOs bear the blame for failed business transformations, yet many fail to realize the root causes of that failure. Frequently, a CEO will think he or she has made the case for a business transformation, only to find out later that no one bought the rhetoric.

BOTTOMLINE: Any major business transformation affects team member's work processes - their attitudes, habits and behaviors. Changing old habits is tough. But learning new behaviors is a human factors challenge we all do instinctively. All team members need to be engaged early in the process - otherwise it will never gain traction.

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