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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Problems With Your Organization's Strategic Plan?

Need a sanity check on your strategic planning process?

Consider the following:
  1. Does your process produce a plan that's "real?"
  2. Is your plan "strategic?"
  3. Do you have adequate external focus?
  4. Do upi make sufficient use of outsiders?
  5. Does your plan really work for the organization?
  6. Is your plan actionable?
  7. Is anybody doing anything?
  8. Are you getting lost in executing tactics, but missing the big picture?
BOTTOMLINE: If your strategic planning process isn't producing the results you expect, it's time to contact Six Disciplines.

The senior leadership team of every one of our clients goes through an intensive strategic planning retreat - based on Discipline VI -Step Back, Discipline I - Decide What's Important, and Discipline II - Set Goals That Lead. We're so confident in our proven best-practices methodology, the 3-day strategic planning retreat comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (Watch Part III: How Can You Evaluate Six Disciplines?)

The result? Ninety-eight percent of our clients remark that this planning retreat is the most intense and valuable strategic planning process in which they've ever participated. Oh, that same 98%? They become fully engaged Six Disciplines clients.

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