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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Introducing The Business Excellence Model™

The focus and capability of any organization can be understood in two dimensions:
  1. Strategy (deciding what to do)
  2. Execution (getting it done)

The Business Excellence Model™ above shows these dimensions using four quadrants of performance.

Organizations in Quadrant I exhibit strong strategy, which typically translates into a competitive advantage. They are characterized by periods of growth and market share gains.

Organizations in Quadrant IV exhibit strong operation execution, focused on doing things "better, faster, cheaper" They are characterized by periods of profitability.

Organizations in Quadrant III are typically weak in both strategy and execution, and frequently find themselves fire-fighting with daily issues.

Organizations in Quadrant II exhibit an appropriate balance between strategy and execution, and are characterized by consistent, predictable growth.

The ultimate goal is to grow the capacity of your organization to stay in Quadrant II for longer and longer periods of time.

This model is not about an organization's size. Every successful company once started small. The model does, however, offer leaders of every organization insight into where they are now, some of the forces that got them there, and anticipate what could happen next.

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