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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What If...Part I

What if...

…there was a way for you to know exactly where you where – everyday, on key organizational metrics like financials, customers, production, and people?

...there was a way to help you – and everyone in your organization – to stay focused -- and be aligned -- with your mission, values, vision, strategy, and goals --- every single day?

…there was a way to help you focus not only on strategic planning, but also on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual detailed execution of your plans?

…with all of the "systems" your organization uses today – you STILL don't have these competitive advantages?

...what if you read all the latesat business improvement books, attended all the seminars, listened to all the tapes, even implemented some new ideas - but there was still...something missing?

...what if ...after you read these books, attended the seminars, and implemented the new ideas - that the improvements still didn't last?

…you looked around, did the investigation and research, and found there was no complete program -- optimized for small and mid-sized organizations -- that had the right combination of “proven + practical + systematic + repeatable” - until now? found a complete strategy execution program that helped to do this for your organization? found a complete strategy execution program that included ongoing coaching and an innovate software system that made it easier for everyone in the organization to understand how their daily activities supported the organization's goals?

BOTTOMLINE: What if...for less than the cost of lunch, you could buy a best-selling business book that describes such a complete strategy execution coaching program?

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