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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Execution Is Everything

In today's economy, execution is everything. If your organization can’t execute its plans, nothing else matters.

Think about it.

Vision isn't enough. Strong leadership isn't enough.

Even if you have a solid, well thought-out strategy, or an innovative business model, or even technology that could transform an entire industry, nothing is more important than execution.

Every organization grows until either its strategy or it execution fails, leading to fire-fighting until either the constraints are removed - or the business fails.

Executing plans, while overcoming the unending daily surprises and the complexity that comes with growth is the greatest challenge in business.

What does it take to create a culture of execution in your organization?

Because execution is far more difficult to manage than strategy (as it involves every person, every day), it takes nothing less than a complete strategy execution program. A long-term approach toward continual business improvement.

In fact, what it takes is a complete program to systematically increase your organization's ability to execute strategy.

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