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Thursday, December 08, 2005

2006 Workforce Trends

Anita Campbell, our good friend with Small Business Trends, shares her report on workforce trends, courtesy of the Herman Group.

Themes that stand out in this 2006 Workforce Trends forecast include:

  1. Intensifying competition for qualified workers.
  2. Gradually increasing attention to employee retention.
  3. Increasing investment in older workers.
  4. Shift in retirement plans to lifetime lifestyle funding.
  5. Continued off-shoring of some work, coupled with return of other work.
  6. Larger investment in corporate training.
  7. Growth in telecommuting.
  8. Expansion of staffing industry.
  9. Heightened flexibility in work arrangements.
  10. Employer dissatisfaction with product of schools.

Read all the details in this new 2006 workforce trends research - here.

(Thanks to Anita for the tip!)

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