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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Top 10 Rules for Entrepreneurs

Barry Moltz, an author and fellow blogger, posts his Top 10 Rules for Entrepreneurs (which he teaches in his Introduction to Entrepreneurship course at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Some real pearls of wisdom he shares:

  1. Every Business is About Solving Pain. Find the People that will Pay For It.
  2. Ideas are Meaningless. Many Think It, Few Actually Do It.
  3. People and Effective Managers that Execute are the Only Thing Business is All About.
  4. Sorry, There are Absolutely No Right Answers In Business: It Always Depends on Your Point of View!
  5. Having Your Own Business Takes Resiliency. It’s A Rollercoaster That isn’t Fairly Built.
  6. As an Entrepreneur, You can make a Difference in This World: Create Jobs, Products, and Markets.
  7. Know the Numbers, and that they Lie. Follow only the Metrics.
  8. Cash is King. You go out of Business when You Run out of Money.
  9. Focus. Focus. Morph. Focus on a Competitive Sustainable Advantage
  10. Go Forth and Sell. Every Business’ Strength is their Customers

Good stuff!

(Thanks to Rob May at Business Pundit for the tip!)

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