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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Year End Questions for Leaders

Bud Bilanich, good friend over at The Common Sense Guy, offers his last post of 2005, called "Year End Questions for Leaders."

All of the questions are spot on, but I've selected a few from Bud's list that I think are critical for small business leaders to consider:

  • Have I communicated a clear and compelling vision for the part of the business I lead?
  • Do I think strategically everyday?
  • Have I communicated my values as a leader?
  • Are they consistent with my company’s values?
  • Do I live these values?
  • Do I help others understand and buy into my company’s values?
  • Do I provide the people I lead with clear performance objectives and feedback on their performance?

Read the entire list of Bud's Questions for Leaders here.

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