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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alignment With Strategy and Goals

Teams are a means of achieving goals too big for individual efforts.

When you connect teams to tasks, you create an alignment between strategy and goals -- one person at a time.

To get the job done, we must team up. Unity around team purpose enables alignment—the link between the member's goals and the team purpose. Alignment provides the focus that unleashes the team's power.

Without alignment around team purpose, synergy -- and effective execution -- is virtually impossible.

BOTTOMLINE: Creating alignment is one of the most important roles of leadership. The team leader needs to ensure that the purpose of the team is defined, communicated with clarity, and meets five criteria:

  1. Clear (I see it).
  2. Relevant (I want it).
  3. Significant (It's worth it).
  4. Achievable (I believe it).
  5. Urgent (I want it-now!).

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