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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bridging The Gap from Strategy To Execution

While many businesses put tremendous energy into formulating and crafting their mission, vision, values and strategic position, the greatest challenge for most business leaders is bridging the gap from strategy to execution.

To be successful, leaders need to be as diligent in guiding the execution as they are at setting and communicating strategic direction.
  • Set Goals That Lead: Develop a goals statement with a small number of initiatives that include measures, targets and assigns responsibility to an individual.
  • Align Systems: Make sure all processes, policies, measures, technologies and people are aligned with this strategy.
  • Work The Plan: Vision and strategy must be translated into daily activities for every person in the organization. Activities must be mutually supportive, and well aligned to the strategy. Team leaders should review these activities on a weekly basis to ensure performance expectations are met and to recalibrate the plan when at risk.

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