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Friday, July 06, 2007

Constant Review Creates Constant Growth

This entry from SuccessMinders, "Constant Review Creates Constant Growth," is worth a few minutes of reading!

Whatever method you use, reviewing your goals regularly is the key.

Here's the take-aways:
  1. Keep your goals with you always.
  2. Keep your goals present in your environment.
  3. Keep your goals present where you can’t possibly miss them during the course of a day.
  4. Keep reminders in interesting and unusual places to shake up your patterns.

BOTTOMLINE: Interestingly enough, the Individual Plans (IPs) as described in the book "Six Disciplines for Excellence," reinforce these principles of continual review. By using the Individual Plans in the Six Disciplines Business System, you have them with you always (even over the Internet); they're always in your environment (on your desktop); you can't miss them during the course of the day, as your daily prioritization of goals and plans depends on it, and you can always bring up your IP anytime during the day.

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