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Monday, July 02, 2007

Leading With Your Mission Statement

Entrepreneur Magazine's article "Lead the Way " offers some good common sense insight into the process for sharing the vision and mission with all employees:

  • Your employees are the voices and drivers of your business.
  • Directly or indirectly, everyone on your team sells. But what are they selling? Is it your vision and passion for your brand or mission?
  • If what they're selling isn't 110 percent aligned with your commitment and vision, then they are selling your company--and customers--short
  • To sell to your employees, you must share your vision and passion.
  • Focus on the company mission, and tie initiatives and campaigns to it.
  • The strongest advocates are those who are already sold on the brand and what it represents.

BOTTOMLINE: "As founder, you must fuel the fire of passion within every employee. It's what turns an employee into an advocate--and advocates sell without even realizing it. This must be a 24/7 priority for every entrepreneur--your business's future depends on it."

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