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Monday, July 02, 2007

Executive Coaching Sees Downturn

After years of increased use, executive coaching is seeing a downtown within corporations, according to a survey from Novations Group, a global consulting and training firm based in Boston.

Potential reasons?

  • This is due to senior management pressure for greater accountability and cost containment
  • The downtown also might be because of the abundance of executive coaches in the field.
  • Organizations are looking for more emphasis on the ROI of their coaching dollars

The ramifications?

  • Less coaching could have a negative impact on organization down the road
  • Most leaders do not make a successful transition into higher levels of leadership without some coaching

BOTTOMLINE: With the impending baby boomer retirements and subsequent middle- and senior-level promotions, this trend of unprepared new executives could have a negative effect on corporations and their bottom line. Executive coaching will pick up again when companies realize that their leaders are struggling. Training and development initiatives have a lot of value, but when it comes to long-term behavioral change, coaching is a more successful methodology.

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