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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Work The Plan Every Day

"What keeps all the self-help gurus, transformational therapists, self-improvement courses and bookstores packed with guides to personal change? People who read, listen, attend courses and undergo therapy as a substitute for action."

“Hey...I’ve read all these books, spent thousands on courses and conferences and sat at the feet of every guru I could find. It must have done me some good.”

BOTTOMLINE: "No excuses, no exceptions. Take at least one significant step each day. Your old habits are strong and you won’t overcome past conditioning by doing something new once. All you read or think is useless if you don’t turn it into consistent, daily action. All the complex advice about getting things done can be boiled down to these two points:

(Hat tip to Adrian Savage)

  1. Do the next most important thing. Do it now, however small it is.
    Repeat this until you’ve reached your goal.
  2. If you’re not sure what’s the next most important thing, do something anyway."

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