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Friday, July 27, 2007

Alignment Is A Strong Precursor to Growth

In a recent study by the Gevity Instutite found that:

Small businesses that follow a set of "workforce alignment" employee management strategies see

  • 22.1% higher revenue growth
  • 23.3% higher profit growth
  • 66.8% less employee turnover

....than companies that do not follow the strategies.

The tactics examined included:

  • Hiring employees to fit in with company culture rather than just based on a job candidate's individual skills. (Finding and Keeping The RIGHT People)
  • Trusting employees to manage themselves rather than enacting strict controls. (Building Company-Wide Accountability)
  • Using company socials and creating a "family-like environment" rather than trying to motivate employees solely through monetary incentives.

The study found that businesses with more than 50 employees in competitive environments and high growth rate goals received the most impact from following the strategies.

BOTTOMLINE: Workforce alignment strategies, in many forms, are what it takes to be more successful in terms of organizational growth. Six Disciplines Centers offer Business-Building Training sessions on Finding and Keeping The RIGHT People and Building Company-Wide Accountability - as examples of fostering workforce alignment using Six Disciplines.

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