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Monday, October 29, 2007

Employee Engagement A Key Factor

Interesting findings from a recent Gallup Management Journal ( GMJ) survey of U.S. employees.

Gallup researchers studied employee responses to see which factors differed most strongly among engaged employees (26% of respondents) and those who were not engaged (56%) or actively disengaged (18%).

Gallup uses its employee engagement survey, the Q 12, to measure workplace engagement and glean insights about the kinds of manager behaviors that are most likely to cause employees to disengage from their workplaces.

Not surprisingly, engaged employees aren't the ones wanting to bid their manager farewell. Just 6% of engaged workers say they would fire their boss if they had the chance.

BOTTOMLINE: Engaged employees consider their relationship with their manager to be crucial to their success. Employees' disengagement with their supervisor can have real -- and negative -- consequences for their companies.

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