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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Overcoming Resistance to Change

"If you’re attempting to transform a legacy organization into an Enterprise of the Future, you’ll recognize that the irresistible force is the tidal wave of change brought about by an ever-flattening world."

According to an article by Art Murray called "Overcoming Resistance to Change," there is a way to shift the weight of the resistance and turn it into positive momentum will focus the energy where it will do the most good.

Using the analogy of a martial arts master, Murray offers his tips on accelerating change.

Here are a few basic techniques to speed up the transformation process:

  1. Focused concentration.
  2. Force, speed and precision.
  3. Relentless repetition.
  4. Living embodiment.
  5. Refocus negative energy
Read the entire article here.

(Art Murray is CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences and co-director of the Enterprise of the Future Program at the George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation.)

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