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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Employee Engagement Starts With Leaders

From The Employee Factor blog comes this post "Employee Engagement Starts with Leaders!"

Their premise?

"A number of studies and other literature related to employee engagement shows similar definitions for employee engagement:

  • Commitment to the organization
  • Job ownership and pride
  • Passion and excitement
  • Commitment to execution and the bottom line

Engagement is an amalgamation of commitment, loyalty, productivity and ownership.

What can leader’s do to drive employee engagement? Companies need to spend more time helping their leader’s be authentic, consistent and real."

Read the entire post here for nine specific suggestion on how to drive employee engagement.

BOTTOMLINE: While employee engagement starts with leaders, they are not the only ones who drive engagement. Six Disciplines uses both a top-down and bottoms-up approach to drive total organizational engagement. It's the only way cultural change can be endure over the long-term.

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